Make Your Voice Heard


You may have heard of “Godpods”, solar powered audio Bibles that have been distributed to thousands of isolated and un-entered people groups all over the world. Asian Aid is planning to send 100 Godpod devices to the Blind school children. Read on! →

You Brought Water to the Thirsty


Imagine this: You’re thirsty. It’s India, it’s hot, and the sun is scorching down on you in the middle of nowhere. You stumble across a village, but when you ask for water, they lead you to a muddy pool where Read on! →

Garwin McNeilus Celebrates with Blind School


“The faith of a blind child cannot be explained, you need to come and feel it.” Garwin McNeilus Asian Aid’s School for the Blind in Bobbili, India, was built in 2004 by Garwin McNeilus. An Adventist businessman, Mr. McNeilus has Read on! →

Things are Getting “Corny” at Sunrise


What can be better on a hot day than to crunch into sweet juicy corn picked fresh from the garden? Thanks to your support of Sunrise Home, the farm is thriving and has recently harvested a huge field of fresh Read on! →

Visit India with Asian Aid


Come with Asian Aid to India where you can not only visit this beautiful and exotic land, but you can meet the children and visit the schools where Asian Aid is giving new lives to students and communities. We look Read on! →

Sunrise on a New Life

Durga and Rajesh

Durga and his brother Rajesh woke up everyday to the blaring of train engines or the screeching halt of its iron wheels. The buzz and the hustle of the street near the train station at Vizianagaram was their shelter.  The Read on! →